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Angela Smith

As a communicator, Angela's portfolio reflects her appreciation of business, industry, culture, and the environment. Her lived experience in the marine, tourism, and non-profit sectors is complimented by a degree in professional communications from Royal Roads University. Angela's diversity of experience and resilience brings unique perspective to her communications work, and she has become known for her focus on pragmatic and equitable solutions. 

She is the coordinator for the Mount Waddington Health Network, Project Development Coordinator for Foundry Port Hardy, Board Chair of Community Futures Mount Waddington, a Board Member of the Vancouver Island Economic Alliance, and past Executive Director of the Port Hardy Chamber of Commerce.  She spent a decade as a business owner, wilderness guide and marine training facilitator in the waters off Northern Vancouver Island, making connections and friends across cultures and sectors. An avid community volunteer, Angela is commonly found helping out with business organizations, beach cleanup, dog rescue, and is a helper at the Hardy Bay Senior Citizens Society. 


Angela has been consulting in the field of business communication since 2010. 

Craig Lederhouse
BAPC, Broadcaster

With 11 previous years of experience hosting and producing daily live CBC Radio current affairs talk shows in Vancouver and Saskatchewan, and as a current Director of Communications for a crown agency in Saskatchewan, Craig possesses a unique set of broadcasting, journalism, and communications skills. His senior management role currently requires him to develop, maintain, and implement comprehensive internal & external communications strategies.


As a CBC radio broadcaster, he was required to be authoritatively conversant on all matters affecting daily life in Western Canada, across the country and around the world. His career has been built on extraordinary writing, sharp critical thinking, dynamic personal engagement and insightful leadership.


Craig provides a dynamic and engaging voice in conversations with clients and on client files. He has a natural ability to predict and troubleshoot issues and is well versed in what makes for exceptional media and communications.  

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